Top 30 Best UML Modeling Software [2022]

Today we will examine the best UML tools available.

The abbreviation UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It first appeared in the late 1990s and continues to play a vital role in any software development effort.

System and software developers can use UML to specify, visualize, generate, and document artifacts for software systems, as well as business modeling and other non-software systems.

UML provides a powerful set of tools for creating a variety of diagrams to development teams. These diagrams are divided into two types: structural and behavioral diagrams. Structure diagrams depict the system’s static, structural components. Behavior diagrams depict the system’s dynamic behavior, or how it responds to stimuli. There are many other sorts of diagrams within these two types of diagrams.

Developers can use UML to create a variety of diagrams to represent their projects. For diagramming large enterprise applications, UML is ideal. Teams may readily visualize the scope of their projects using UML. Because good architecture never goes out of style, UML is still applicable over 25 years later.


Using UML can help you see things more clearly. Not only that, but using UML diagrams allows for a more consistent manner of modeling workflows, which improves readability and efficiency unlike anything else.

How to choose a UML diagram Software?

You should consider the following factors while choosing the best UML diagram software:

  • UML supports a large number of diagram types. The UML software should allow you to create all types of diagrams. Diagram types like Timing Diagram is not so common and you may want to see if this is supported.
  • Does the tool allows you to create multiple diagrams? Some free UML modelers allow you to create a limited number of diagrams.
  • Easy to use. Check carefully because some diagram types are relatively complex and not all UML tools support them in an easy-to-use manner.
  • Does it support modeling or diagramming? A UML modeler allows you to reuse model elements across diagrams. A good UML modeler can even let your model evolve and helps maintain the traceability.
  • Features and functionalities provided
  • Collaboration support
  • Documentation / report generation
  • Cross-platform support
  • Code engineering and MDA
  • Support of other standards and diagram types (e.g. flowchart, ArchiMate for EA, BPD for business process management, SysML, etc)
  • Import-Export functionality to various file formats

What are the Best UML Modeling Software?

For UML modeling and diagramming, there is a plethora of UML software on the market. The following is a thoroughly selected collection of 30 hand-picked UML tools, complete with popular features, advantages, and disadvantages. Both commercial and open source or free UML applications are included in this comparative list.

Visual Paradigm is a complete UML modeling application. It comes in two versions: a desktop version that is a UML modeler and an internet version that is a diagramming tool.

One of the most widely used diagramming programs is Visual Paradigm. Visual Paradigm is the perfect solution if you require a basic, yet powerful and easy-to-use UML tool to meet your UML diagramming needs.

Visual Paradigm has a large number of modeling capabilities that make creating UML diagrams simple. It combines basic tools with on-the-fly UML syntax checking. It also works with all UML 2.x diagram types. Its sequence diagram editor is one of the most user-friendly editors available.

Visual Paradigm provides inline editing for class members, as well as an integrated sequence diagram editor that is both interactive and simple to use.

Visual Paradigm also has a plug-in interface that allows you to construct your own features and shapes based on your requirements.

Visual Paradigm Online is an online diagramming tool. You can create an unlimited number of diagrams, charts and other visuals from a wide range of diagram types, including UML, flowcharts, BPMN, ERD, DFD, ArchiMate and others.

3. StarUML

StarUML is a diagramming and modeling tool for UML diagrams. StartUML 2 is compatible with UML 2.x and has 11 different diagram types. (previously is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop diagram maker. It can be used for a variety of diagram types, including UML and flowcharts. If you’re looking for a simple drag-and-drop UML solution, will suffice.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo is an online tool that allows you to create UML diagrams, wireframes, and flowcharts. It’s offered as a software program as well as an internet tool. There are also drawing templates for development, product/design project management, marketing, business, general, and custom templates available in cacoo. PNG, SVG, PDF, PS, PPT, and other formats are available for export.

6. Gliffy

Many UML diagrams can be drawn using Gliffy’s themes and templates. The drag-and-drop interface is supported by gliffy. It gives you the ability to design practically anything you could on a whiteboard, but in a virtual environment. For users that prefer a handwritten UML solution, this may not be the best option.

7. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a popular UML diagramming program. It can be readily connected with other Microsoft Office programs because it is part of the Microsoft Office family.

8. Moqups

Moqups is an online tool that allows you to quickly create flowcharts and UML diagrams. It allows you to visualize any process by dragging and dropping shapes.

9. Altova

Altova UModel allows users to create UML-based application models and generate Java, C#, or Visual Basic.NET code as well as project documentation. They can also convert existing programs into UML 2 software architecture diagrams, fine-tune their designs, and generate code to complete round trips.

10. Umple

Umple is a free and open source model for integrating textual UML structures into programming languages, code generation, and easy UML modeling. Online, as an Eclipse plug-in, or as a standalone command-line Jar, the utility can be used.

11. UMLetino

It is a free open source UML diagramming tool that anyone can use to create UML diagrams. It does not require any installation and can be used simply in your browser.

12. Astah

Astah is a UML editor that can also be used to create mind maps. It’s a fantastic UML tool for visualizing the core of your ideas before you start coding. Astah UML is a simple to learn and use application that assists you in creating the UML diagrams you require.


BOUML is a modeler that comes with a free UML2 tool. This aids in the specification and generation of C++, Java, PHP, Python, and MySQL code. It operates on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X and allows you to simultaneously program in C++, Java, PHP, Python, MySQL, and other languages.

Sketchboard is an online platform with an unlimited canvas or whiteboard that allows users to quickly build innumerable UML diagrams and draw software documents to match their sophisticated needs.

15. yUML

yUML, an online application, can be regarded a one-stop solution for authors, architects, and developers to better understand their work by creating and sharing simple and extensive UML diagrams in minutes, making it the finest UML diagramming tool of 2022.

Violet UML Editor is another simple to learn and use UML diagramming tool. It’s a cross-platform application for students, programmers, and authors who need to quickly produce UML diagrams. The benefit of this tool is that it is a portable program that you can copy to your USB stick or any other device and use whenever you need to draw diagrams without having to go through a lengthy installation process.

17. GitMind

Transform basic concepts into rich, interactive material. GitMind is a fantastic online tool for creating various diagrams, including UML, for free. You can receive customisable templates that can help you generate UML diagrams quickly and easily if you use this as your everyday UML diagram creator.

17. Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a design tool for creating UML, SysML, ERD, ArchiMate, and flowcharts using UML, SysML, ERD, and ArchiMate. It’s one of the most useful free UML tools for creating user stories and providing wireframe support. It comes with a variety of pre-defined styles that make your diagrams more appealing.

19. Dia

Dia is a GTK±based diagramming tool for GNU/Linux, MacOS X, Unix, and Windows developed by the GNOME project and licensed under the GPL license. It is based on the commercial Windows program “Visio,” although it prefers to utilize informal diagrams for casual use. Dia may be used to create a variety of diagrams, and it now has special objects to aid in the creation of entity-relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and a variety of other diagrams.

20. Modelio

The first modeling environment was Modelio. BPMN and UML are both supported by the tool. It is one of the greatest free UML tools, supporting a variety of models and diagrams. The XMI import/export capability of modelio allows you to transfer UML2 models between other tools.

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody is a product family that includes a variety of UML modeling and design solutions. It can assist you in managing the complexity that many firms confront when developing products and systems.

Open ModelSphere is an excellent tool for modeling data, processes, and engineering. It is a platform-independent program with user interfaces in both English and French. System analysts can use this UML drawing tool to combine the generation of data flow and business process diagrams.

23. Diagramo

Diagramo is an HTML5 online flowcharting software that is free and open source. It’s simple to get and set up on your server.

GenMyModel began as a tool for creating UML diagrams. Support for Archimate and BPMN, as well as business modeling, has been added. It comes with a centralized model library that enables for model collaboration in real time.

WhiteStarUML is another essential general-purpose modeling tool with all of the capabilities that can be adapted to new contexts, such as Unicode string support.

26. Umbrello

You can make diagrams in Umbrello using a standard composition file or design format. It provides sequence diagrams, just as other UML diagramming tools, to help you demonstrate the sequence of interactions and how activities are carried out. It also supports a variety of code generators, including ActionScript, Java, Javascript, Pascal, and others.

27. PlantUML

PlantUML is a component that enables users to create sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, component diagrams, state diagrams, deployment diagrams, object diagrams, and wireframe graphical interfaces fast and easily. The language used to define diagrams is basic and intuitive. PlantUML is also compatible with wikis and forums like NodeBB, Confluence Cloud, Ikiwiki, and Slack.

28. ArgoUML

ArgoUML is the most popular open source UML modeling tool, and it supports all UML 1.4 diagrams. It is accessible in ten languages and runs on any Java platform. ArgoUML 0.26 and 0.26.2 have had over 80,000 downloads and are in use all across the world. The Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0 applies to argoUML.

29. NClass

NClass is a free tool for producing UML class diagrams that works with both C# and Java. It is one of the greatest UML design tools, with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy development.

30. UMLet

UMLet is a free open source Windows built-in tool for creating UML diagrams. It has built-in temples that allow you to create a sequence and an activity diagram out of plain text. It also supports exporting to a variety of file formats, including eps, pdf, jpg, SVG, and clipboard.

UML Software Frequently Asked Questions

Are UML diagrams still in use?

The most popular UML diagrams are still class and sequence diagrams, followed by state diagrams. They can be used to extend and discuss designs on a whiteboard before getting into the code.

Where can I draw UML diagrams for free?

Visual Paradigm Online is a free online diagramming tool for making UML diagrams. It’s one of the most widely used online diagramming tools.

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