Writing Good User Stories

User stories are part of the agile approach and help shift the focus from writing requirements to discussing them. All agile user stories include one or two written sentences and, more importantly, a series of conversations about the desired functionality. – Mike Cohn

Guidelines and Tips

Tips and Guideline for Writing Effective User Stories
  1. Write user stories from the users’ perspective
  2. Keep it simple and concise
  3. Start larger user stories such as Epics
  4. Split large User Stories (Theme and Epics) into smaller stories
  5. Write User story as a complete user feature rather than tasks
  6. Refine user stories from different user profiles, i.e. ordinary user, VIP, etc.
  7. Writing and refine user stories in a team to reach the “ready” status
  8. Refine Use story with a short templates i.e. 3Cs to store essential information including acceptance Criteria
  9. Organize user stories with Visual Tool i.e. board or software like story map
  10. Consider the INVEST criteria to assess the quality of your user stories
Theme, Epic, User Stories and Tasks

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